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About Me: 20-something year old girl, who can't draw the way she wished, 2D animator lover (and wanna be)

About the Blog: I made it for the single purpose to force myself to do stuff, prepare yourself for random stuff!

I'll post stuff ONLY made by myself, probably most of them will be only fanart, or random thoughts I have...

Oh another thing: I'll keep this blog "all" ages friendly or at least PG-13 related, sooo no need to worry about "surprises" here =P hehe

P.S: Sometimes I draw fanart without references... it's funnier that way!.... ? xD

Thanks for coming into my blog! ^^ let's see how long I last here D:




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7 November 12

Motorcity fans! if you didn’t knew… you should read this
I guess it’s a “great” chance to bring this back too… sheeesh…

I had to do something… bleh… my first Motorcity “fanart” and this is what I do… sorry to bring bad news.

EDIT: Sing the PETITION HERE to give the IP rights back to Titmouse so they can have a chance to bring back the serie into production!.

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    -“No llores, no llores… ¡¡¡QUE NO LLORES!!!”- Oooh, shit… demasiado tarde ;A; *deja el celular y se va a llorar a un...
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    Okay.. okay… i told that i wasn’t gonna cry… -sniffles- oh god. -turns around and weeps- i’ll miss this shows ever. ; A;
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